Compelling Canadian Fiction

Compelling Canadian Fiction

Compelling Canadian Fiction

Posted on August 27 by Dundurn Guest in Fiction, Recent Releases
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After Elias by Eddy Boudel Tan

“Arresting... [a] deftly crafted novel.” — Foreword Reviews

“A truly rare and wonderful book, utterly engrossing throughout. Coen is a hero for our era, darkly struggling amid the aftershocks of loss, but doing so with dignity, humanity, and passion. Tracking Coen’s progress towards answers is a riveting and emotional journey. Watching him in his relationships is a richly rewarding meditation on love, friendship, betrayal and the undying hope for reconciliation.” — Timothy Taylor, author of The Rule of Stephens

A modern queer tragedy about a pilot's last words, an interrupted celebration, and the fear of losing everything. From the damp concrete of Vancouver to the spoiled shores of Mexico, After Elias weaves the past with the present to tell a story of doubt, regret, and the fear of losing everything.

After Elias releases September 12 in Canada! Available for preorder from your favourite bookseller. | IG @eddyautomatic | Goodreads 


A Strange Kind of Comfort by Gaylene Dutchyshen

“..a heartbreaking novel with complex, vividly-imagined characters against the backdrop of the expansive Canadian Prairie.” — Booklist

“This novel has the ring of authenticity. A Strange Kind of Comfort captures so beautifully the prairie landscape, the rapidly fading rural lifestyle, and the powerful bonds formed — both good and evil — in a close-knit farming community.” — Elinor Florence, author of Wildwood

Acts of deception and betrayal and a simmering feud between two farm families change the course of two women’s lives. Told in the alternating voices of Caroline and Sarah over the span of sixty years, the women reunite after a forty year estrangement to find what they’ve both been seeking.

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Boy by Brent van Staalduinen

“Exquisite … Boy is a perfectly compelling protagonist.” — Miriam Toews, author of Women Talking

Boy is evocative and heartfelt, containing a spark of magic and an achingly real protagonist.” — Ellen Keith, author of The Dutch Wife

Boy’s final year of high school is unraveling. Fast. He had it all worked out, from crushing his final exams to military school to a career in the air force. But his family’s tragic past and its complicated present have caught up to him, and his marks are slipping, jeopardizing all of his plans. Until he befriends Mara, a homeless man who can seemingly stop and restart time at will.

A story as magical as it is real, that asks, if you could alter time for second chance would you? Available for preorder, and releasing September 26 in Canada!  | IG @brentvans  | Twitter @brentvans 


Bury Your Horses by Dan Dowhal

Disgraced pro-hockey enforcer Shane “Bronco” Bronkovsky crashes his motorcycle in the Chihuahuan Desert in New Mexico. Injured, helpless, and robbed by mysterious passersby, he is eventually rescued by one of the locals who takes Shane to the hardscrabble ranch she runs. While shocked to discover the ranch raises rattlesnakes, Shane comes to relish the honest work and peace he finds there. His life quickly becomes entangled with those of the local denizens, including the ranch’s children, as he and Tammy grow closer.

Through the lives he touches and the people he helps, Shane strives for redemption. Yet, as he struggles to tame the demons within and adjust to life away from the spotlight of professional sports, his past and present collide in an explosive climax.

Order your copy at and save 25% with code SAVE25  | Facebook @DanDowhal.Author  | Twitter @DanDowhal 


Complex Arms by Dolly Dennis

Life at the Complex Arms is just one disaster after another.

Adeen is the resident manager of the Complex Arms, an apartment building in the Mill Woods neighbourhood of Edmonton. With no help from her deadbeat husband, Frosty, who sees himself as the next big thing in Nashville, she struggles to maintain the building while coping with the needs of a daughter with disabilities.

As a distraction from her problems, Adeen grows more and more involved in the lives of her tenants, forming relationships and building a community. But when a natural disaster hits, the lives of the Complex Arms’s residents will never be the same.

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IG @dolly.dennis.10 


Evie of the Deepthorn by André Babyn

Evie of the Deepthorn challenges the psyche like a cautionary tale. By turns of heartbreak, dissolution, victory, and more, the prose is as poetic as it is haunting. A work for those with a daring heart.” — Téa Mutonji, author of Shut Up, You’re Pretty

“A gorgeous, urgent, nonlinear exploration of loss, belonging, rage, and connection, Evie of the Deepthorn announces André Babyn as an unmissable talent. These characters leap off the page in Babyn’s vivid prose as they simmer in suburban bedrooms, explore strange, uncanny forests, and cross paths with one another in contradictory and mysterious ways. Unconstrained and wise, Babyn’s debut is a strange and beautiful gift.” — Grace O'Connell, author of Be Ready for the Lightning

A deeply affecting and daring novel about small towns, art, and loneliness.

Order your copy at and save 25% with code SAVE25  |IG @andr.b  | Twitter @aobate 


Patchwork Society by Sharon Johnston

“Sharon Johnston portrays her true-to-life characters through good times and bad, during the 30s and 40s in the Soo. Most importantly, she writes with honesty, respect, and a good measure of love.” — Frances Itani, author of Tell

“In her matter-of-fact style, Sharon Johnston creates an engaging narrative of life in and around Sault Ste. Marie as witnessed by her grandmother, recounting her reports of the daily experiences of First Nations children in residential schools — housed in condemned buildings, forbidden to speak their language, lacking proper healthcare, stripped of their identity. Patchwork Society is a must read for those who want to know about the damaging legacy of the past which underlies the situations we all face today.” — Roberta Jamieson, President and CEO, Indspire

A sweeping tale of life in Sault Ste. Marie from the 1930s through the Second World War. Read the first in the Bread and Roses series Matrons and Madams. 

Order your copy at and save 25% with code SAVE25. ead the first book in the Bread and Roses series 


Seven by Farzana Doctor

“Penetrating and subtle, Seven deftly explores loyalty in changing times, what it means and what you give up to be a part of a community, a marriage, and friendships. Sharifa is a sympathetic everywoman; her relationships fully realized and deeply felt in this immersive, absorbing portrait.” — Eden Robinson, bestselling author of the Trickster trilogy

“Doctor weaves sensitivity and hope into a gripping narrative. [Seven is] a soulfully-written book about a vexed cultural issue.” — Masooma Ranalvi, founder of

A brave, soulfully written feminist novel about inheritance and resistance that tests the balance between kinship and the fight against customs that harm us.

Seven releases September 5 in Canada! Available for preorder from your favourite bookseller. | IG @farzanadoctor | Facebook | Twitter