Victim Impact


Homicide becomes more than an academic study for Toronto criminologist Ted Boudreau when his own suburban home is burglarized, with deadly results. Was his computer targetted because of his interest in a secretive biker gang? Teds attempts to deal with the aftermath bring him into conflict with family, police detectives, and the Crown prosecutor assigned to the caseas well as with his university colleagues, whose penal philosophy Ted no longer believes can stand the test of real-life experience. His pursuit of justice must compete with his duty not to compromise the source of his dossier on the ruthless Dark Arrows Motorcycle Club.


"Victim Impace is like an iceberg: The bit we see is but a shadow of the feelings endured - the massive, slow moving hulk that is the raw pain underneath...It's a haunting novel that explores the human condition closer to the bone than we might be comfortable with. A must read."

Hamilton Spectator (November, 2008)

About the Author

Mel Bradshaw

Posted by Kendra on December 6, 2014
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Mel Bradshaw

Mel Bradshaw studied English and philosophy at the University of Toronto and continued at Oxford. His first novel, Death in the Age of Steam, was shortlisted for an Arthur Ellis Award for best first crime novel. He lives in Toronto.