Soar, Adam, Soar


“Coming out. Coming in. Coming home.”

Adam Prashaw’s life was full of surprises from the moment he was born. Assigned female at birth, and with parents who had been expecting a boy, he spent years living as “Rebecca Danielle Adam Prashaw” before coming to terms with being a transgender man. Adam captured hearts with his humour, compassion, and intensity. After a tragic accident cut his life short, he left a legacy of changed lives and a trove of social media posts documenting his life, relationships, transition, and struggles with epilepsy, all with remarkable transparency and directness.

In Soar, Adam, Soar, his father, a former priest, retells Adam’s story alongside his son’s own words. From early childhood, through coming out first as a lesbian and then as a man, and his battles with epilepsy and refusal to give in, it chronicles Adam’s drive to define himself, his joyful spirit, and his love of life, which continues to conquer all.


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I had the honour of performing the first legalized same sex marriage in Canada and passing more LGBTQ legislation in Canada's history including the first Trans Human Rights in any Province. Fifty years of Queer activism seems worthwhile because of this book. Adam's story is why. Adam is the reason. Adam's loving and accepting family is the point. This book is an answered prayer.

— Reverend Dr. Cheri Dinovo, MPP 2006 to 2018

Soar, Adam, Soar is a deeply moving account of tragedy and triumph. Parts of this tale are so compellingly unique that they are hard to imagine. Yet, at the same time, it is a story of love and courage that it is universally recognizable. Thank you, Rick Prashaw, for your raw honesty.

Alex Munter, President and CEO of CHEO, Ottawa’s pediatric health centre

Adam's story is incredibly rich and very moving … It is powerful material through which we examine love, family, gender, sexuality, illness, and spirituality...LIFE (with a heavy dose of cosmic irony). Like any great piece of drama, this story deserves to be heard by a huge audience.

— Ernest Zulia Director, Playwright and creator of the stage adaptation of Robert Fulghum’s All I really Need To Know I Learned in Kindergarten

Soar, Adam, Soar is a gorgeous autobiography. Rick Prashaw's unique approach to co-authoring with his late son and his threading together of social media posts into a cohesive narrative is so fresh and exciting. The themes of non-conforming gender identity, the varied pressure of academia, and the lonely-yet-public stage of social media offers instructors multiple opportunities to bring theory to life. More broadly, the challenges of young adulthood will resonate with many post-secondary readers.

Jennifer Ball, Sociology Professor, Humber College

Rick Prashaw, Adam's father, celebrates life in this moving memoir – joined, in a sense, by Adam himself, whose musings and social-media posts enrich the narrative. The result is both specific and universal.


Prashaw's compassionate, authentic, and wise words make this a powerful contribution to the emerging genre of transgender life writing.

Library Journal (starred review)

A deeply moving book, of truths, of life and death, told by a father about his child, born Rebecca, becomes Adam, dies accidentally, his organs donated to live on. A tale of courage and generosity that, in all its sadness, makes you hopeful of our future.

Mel Watkins, author and political activist

About the Author

Rick Prashaw

Posted by Kendra on March 27, 2018
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Rick Prashaw

Rick Prashaw has had a diverse career as a journalist, Catholic priest, executive director of a national NGO, and political staff to members of Parliament. He is a winner of the National Ron Wiebe Restorative Justice Award. Rick lives in Ottawa.