She Demons


How can an enterprising newspaper reporter sell his Babji dolls when there's a beheaded street youth, a Rave Messiah battling a berserk God Squad, and a conniving new editor to deal with? Especially when hes suffering all the symptoms of dengue fever? Hakeem Jinnah is back and as politically incorrect as ever. The chain-smoking, headline-chasing hypochondriac is in a race to find a killer and help save his buddy Sergeant Grahams career. But a bevy of She Demons bedevil him at each turn. Soon Jinnah is entangled in a cultic web that threatens his friends, his family, and his life.

Fast-paced, funny, and suspenseful, this is the second Mister Jinnah novel featuring the larger-than-life crime reporter. Just as in his debut adventure, Mister Jinnah: Securities, the flirtatious and always resourceful Jinnah has to use every ounce of his investigative genius to solve a crime and make a few extra dollars on the side.


An Ismaili Muslim with obsessive-compulsive quirks, Jinnah is one of the genre's more interesting crime solvers.

Publishers Weekly

This is the second novel by Hauka, of New Westminster, B.C., featuring smart and funny news reporter Hakeem Jinnah. The setting is Vancouver and it's the time of Diwali, the Hindu Festival of Light, but things are definitely not bright for Mr. Jinnah. It all starts with his attempt to sell some Babji dolls, which leads to a beheaded body, a wildly off-track rave and a crazed cult. He has a new and none-too-happy editor, and he's convinced that he's coming down with a case of dengue fever. Can things get worse? Mr. Jinnah's first outing, in Mr. Jinnah: Securities, was adapted for television. She Demons should set him up for a series.

The Globe and Mail

She Demons is an entertaining tale with a fast-moving plot and dialogue peppered with repartee. The result is a light and original read that signals more good things to come from this talented author.

Sherbrooke Record

This fast-moving plot takes the reader on a tour of Vancouver, from its grungy under-belly to the classy West Vancouver mansions, with Jinnah in his Gucci loafers and his van, known as the "satellite-guided Love Machine". There's grit and violence along with humourous dialogue and memorable characters. (April, 2011)

I have no hesitation in recommending this book. I will be hunting for more books by this guy!

Michael Jecks, bestselling UK medieval mystery author

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Donald J. Hauka

Posted by Dundurn Guest on December 6, 2014
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Donald J. Hauka

Donald J. Hauka is a versatile writer from B.C. His first novel, Mr. Jinnah: Securities, was adapted for television and broadcast on CBC in 2003, earning a nomination for a Gemini award. Hauka's second novel, She Demons, was published in 2010. He lives in New Westminster, B.C.