His Majesty’s Indian Allies


His Majesty’s Indian Allies is a study of British-Indian policy in North America from the time of the American Revolution to the end of the War of 1812, with particular focus on Canada.


"Robert S. Allen's His Majesty's Indian Allies is a readable, thought-provoking, worthwhile summary of British-Indian relations, which effectively complements the existing literature on the British and the Great Lakes Indians."

American Review of Canadian Studies (January, 1994)

"Nowhere has the new attitude towards the Indians been better illustrated than in Rob Allen's His Majesty's Indian Allies."

Northwest Ohio Quarterly (January, 1993)

"His Majesty's Indian Allies is a work of sound and extensive scholarship which can be read with interest by those schooled in James Fenimore Cooper or otherwise fascinated by the romance of Indian lore."

Monarchy Canada (January, 1993)

"A valuable book that intensively considers Canada's defense from the American War of Independence through the War of 1812."

"Allen's study offers interesting new historical insights into why Canada's Native peoples consider themselves still to be more than mere pawns in Ottawa's sovereignty-association games."

Canadian Book Review Annual

About the Author

Robert S. Allen

Posted by Dundurn Guest on December 6, 2014

Robert S. Allen

Robert S. Allen earned his doctorate in history at the University of Wales. His publications include The British Indian Department and the Frontier in North America, Native Studies in Canada: A Research Guide, and Loyalist Literature . He is deputy chief, Claims and Historical Research Centre, Department of Indian and Northern Affairs. He lives in Ottawa.