The Guinea Pig Club


A truly inspiring tale about the history of the Guinea Pig Club.

Plastic surgery was in its infancy before the Second World War — the most rudimentary techniques were known only to a few surgeons worldwide. The Allies were tremendously fortunate in having the maverick surgeon Archibald McIndoe operating at a small hospital in East Grinstead in the south of England. After arguing with his superiors, McIndoe set up a revolutionary new treatment regime and rightly secured his group of patients, dubbed the Guinea Pig Club, and honoured place in society. Based on extensive research into official records and moving first-person recollections, this extraordinary book brings home the heroism and triumphs of this courageous band of men and contains updated material on how their example is inspiring today’s wounded veterans.


The first authoritative investigation and analysis of a remarkable wartime phenomenon. . . undoubtedly a significant contribution.

Dr Paul Addison, author of The Burning Blue

Our feelings of debt to 'the Few' are redoubled by reading this marvellous story of courage, endurance and hope.

Nigel Jones, author of The War Walk

About the Authors

Emily Mayhew

Posted by Kendra on January 30, 2019
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Emily Mayhew

Emily Mayhew is a military medical historian and was the featured historian on a new documentary on the Guinea Pig Club, which was screened on BBC Four. She was also an adviser on an award-winning Canadian documentary about the club and a consultant on ITV’s award-winning drama Foyle’s War.