The Ghost of Northumberland Strait Teachers’ Guide


The Teachers’ Guide to accompany The Ghost of Northumberland Strait by Lori Knutson.

The last thing thirteen-year-old Charly expects to do is embark on an adventure when she, her mother and sister Nikki move to PEI to live with Grammie after her parents’ divorce. But the day Charly and her friends break into the abandoned, weather-greyed house on Northumberland Strait, she becomes fascinated by its history and the presence she feels in and around the premises. Charly returns to the O’Leary house alone, compelled by the notion that someone inhabits that house still. As she enters the yard, the old building is suddenly transformed into the solid and stately house it was originally. And there inside, waiting to meet Charly, is a mysterious young woman. Who is she and why is it that only Charly can see her? Will the woman be able to face her fears as Charly attempts to face her own? In getting to know and trust one another, the two form a bond that spans lifetimes. In a satisfying conclusion, Charly learns to accept herself and her circumstances in discovering how revealing some mysteries can be.

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Lori Knutson

Posted by Dundurn Guest on December 6, 2014

Lori Knutson

Lori Knutson has been the faith columnist for the Daily Herald Tribune in Grande Prairie, Alberta, for a number of years. Over the course of her relatively short life, she has enjoyed a wide variety of career experiences including teaching, bookselling, and beekeeping. Lori lives in Calgary with Doug and their cat, Otis.