Fever Season Teachers’ Guide


The Teacher’s Guide to accompany Fever Season by Eric Zweig.

In is early 1919 in Montreal and a deadly outbreak of Spanish Influenza has killed thousands in Canada. Davis Saifert, a thirteen-year-old English Canadian, is alone: his father died fighting in the First World War and his mother and sister were recent victims of the flu epidemic. But he does have a childhood photo of his mother’s long-lost brother, who he thinks lives in Seattle. David is certain his Uncle Danny can save him from the orphanage he ends up in, but he has no idea how to locate the man.

Then luck strikes when David gets a job with the Montreal Canadiens, who earn the right to play the Seattle Metropolitans in the Stanley Cup playoff, allowing David to travel across the country with the hockey club.

What fate awaits the mighty Canadiens on the West Coast? Will David find his uncle? Will he survive the deadly flu?

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