From Fear to Freedom


What are the causes of wife abuse? How can victims renew their lives? How can friends and professionals help?

This book recounts the spiritual journey of five women as they move from childhood into abusive marriages, and then out into self-realization and freedom. The women share their thoughts and feelings about themselves, their abusers, and God. We witness their anguish and despair, their courage and humour, their hope and rebirth.

These five portraits interleave discussions of wife abuse in clinical, cultural, and religious contexts. We see the forms that abuse takes, the dynamics that spawn violence, and the attitudes toward women in religious ideologies. The book offers practical advice for those who have experienced abuse, and for their friends and counsellors.

About the Author

Sheila A. Rogers

Posted by Dundurn Guest on December 6, 2014

Sheila A. Rogers

Sheila Rogers is a registered social worker, holds a Master of Social Work from the University of Calgary, and teaches Social Work at Mount Royal College. She runs a private counselling practice, specializing in women's abuse and family relationship, leads the Counselling Ministries at Northside Friends Church in Calgary, and is a member of the Christian Counsellors Association of Alberta and the Administration of Christian Counsellors.