Carter and the Curious Maze Teachers’ Guide


Carter discovers a creepy maze at the fair and travels farther and farther back in time. How will he ever get back to the present?

The fair is dull, dull, dull, and nothing interesting will ever happen to Carter again … until Carter discovers the curious maze.

Nothing has ever happened here in the history of the world, he thinks. But the maze has some strange secrets, and the spot Carter stands upon has seen some very exciting events over the centuries.

Once Carter enters the maze, odd people begin to appear. First he meets Mr. Green, the mysterious, creepy maze-keeper, then a leaf-covered girl, a lost little boy in old-fashioned clothes, a wounded British soldier, and finally an eighteenth-century Native boy who seems very authentic, indeed.

When Carter eventually escapes the curious maze, the fair is all wrong. There are too many horses, ladies in bonnets, and what’s a freak show doing there? Carter begins his travels through time, and his dull afternoon is about to get very, very interesting.


Carter and the Curious Maze is a short, fast-paced tale with engagingly eerie illustrations by Shawna Daigle that enhance Dowding's captivating storytelling style. Readers will be compelled by the historic tales of Toronto's past as experienced by the relatable and funny 12-year-old Carter and the cast of interesting characters he meets within the maze. A perfect book for readers who enjoy light fantasy with humour and heart.

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This original take on time-travel historical fantasy is a sure bet for young scary-story enthusiasts.


…a great novel to introduce multi-genre writing to young readers due to its fantasy, adventure, and mystery overtones.

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Dowding’s story is fast-paced and compelling, with just enough mystery to be spooky.

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In an approachable, straightforward style, Dowding writes an engaging time travel story.

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Posted by Kendra on October 30, 2014
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Eleanor Creasey is a retired teacher and school principal. She is the author of four teachers' resource guides to facilitate classroom discussion of novels. On Remembrance Day is her first book. She lives in Ottawa.