Angel in the Full Moon


In this gut-wrenching sequel to Loose Ends and Above Ground, Jack Taggart’s quest for justice takes him from the beaches of Cuba to the ghettos of Hanoi.

Jack Taggart is an undercover Mountie whose quest for justice takes him from the sunny, tourist-laden beaches of Cuba to the ghettos of Hanoi. His targets deal in human flesh, smuggling unwitting victims for the sex trade. In a story fraught with raw emotion, Jack finds his partner accusing him of carrying out a personal vendetta, until he reveals the secret driving him forward.

This is the world of the undercover operative: a world of lies, treachery, and deception. A world where violence can erupt without warning, like a ticking time bomb on a crowded bus. It isn’t a matter of if that bomb will go off — it is a matter of how close you are to it when it does.


This is the third and best Jack Taggart novel by Easton, a former undercover operative for the RCMP. The subject is human trafficking, a loathsome practice, and Easton's knowledge gives the plot plenty of realism as the action moves from Cuba to Hanoi.

Globe and Mail

This novel will definitely thrill anyone who dares to enter this dark world. Just be forewarned that its always darkest before Taggart finishes his vendetta. In Angel in the Full Moon, Easton has delivered his third and most personal story yet, and one that hopefully will give him greater exposure to the masses, since it blows away all expectations.


A raw, in-your-face sequel that draws on the author's career as an RCMP undercover operative and shows his talent as a realistic storyteller. Don Easton has a gift for blunt dialogue, real-life plotting and sinister settings.… Easton's characters feel real, not imagined, as he exposes their raw emotion in gripping terms Easton writes with a sense of urgency that explores Taggart's gut-wrenching determination and drives the story to an explosive conclusion. This is a fine series that just keeps getting better each time out.

Hamilton Spectator

Jack's trademark sting plot twist is a much-anticipated part of the books. Easton's prose is straight-up and undecorated … his stories are interesting and well-told.

The third Jack Taggart book is probably the darkest, since Easton delves into his own family's past and further blurs the line between author and character. Again let me state: one of the coolest Canadians ever.


There is a terrible urgency to Angel in the Full Moon, not only in the plotted pursuit of some very bad guys, the tortures endured by a little girl, and the gleeful plans of a psychopath, but in the desperately furious writing itself.

London Free Press

… a powerful and passionate novel.

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Don Easton

Posted by Kendra on December 6, 2014
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Don Easton

Don Easton worked as an undercover Mountie for twenty years, including seven years in an RCMP Intelligence Unit. He lives in Victoria, B.C.